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Flood It .NET

I’ve been playing a bit with Silverlight this weekend, and I made a little app based on little game called Flood-It! Unfortunately, at the time I started I couldn’t remember the name of the app, so it’s a bit of an interpretation…

Anyhow, the goal of the game is to ‘flood’ the screen with all one color. It’s a bit difficult to explain, so just click around a bit and it will start making sense.

So far I’ve really liked working in Silverlight, it’s very similar to Flex except that C# blows ActionScript out of the water. I’ve got a few more little projects I’d like to try before I give my final verdict, so don’t touch that dial!

The War of The Roosevelts

I’ve been tinkering around with C# and Flex a lot this year, but I haven’t been posting much.

So in the interest of posting *something* I give you…



You, standing in the (uneven?) shoes of Franklin D. Roosevelt, finally get a posthumous chance to stand up to your bullying older cousin Teddy in a game of WAR…well, at least the game of war as I knew it growing up. Wikipedia’s got it’s own ideas.

I lost interest in it by the time I got to the gui, so that aspects (aka as the part people actually see) is a bit…rough. Just a bit. ENJOY!

Here’s the source, but I won’t waste my time looking up the svn link. 😉

Gosu Extensions Update


I’ve finally finished updating my Gosu Extensions. It’s far from perfect, but it’s in a good spot and I’m relatively happy with it. It feels good to get something “done”.

Although my coding process hasn’t been 100% TDD, I would say at least it’s been test centric and irregardless of whether I actually do anything with this, I think it’s been a good experience.

I plan on updating some of my “games” to use this new version, so I can see if these extensions actually save me any work.

Here are a few of the highlights

  • JavaScript like elements and events ( on_click, on_focus etc )
  • Wrappers for Gosu Images, Samples, Fonts and Text
  • Bounding Boxes for basic collision detection
  • Easy cursor support
  • Basic grid / matrix support
  • Basic scheduling system

Enough chit chat, Download the code!

Breakout Knock Off in Ruby with Gosu

I Just finished up a Breakout knock off using Gosu and some basic extension classes I’ve been tinkering around with. There’s only “level” and I’m certain the paddle / ball bounce routine is totally incorrect but I’ve had enough fun with it for tonight. The samples were lovingly provided by http://freesoundfiles.tintagel.net/Audio/, but those swanky graphics were all me.

Download the Code!

Target Practice Pt 2

I made a few small updates to Target Practice tonight. The biggest addition was sound although I made a few other little tweaks under the proverbial hood.

I had originally wanted to pack it up and release it as a single executable file but I was having some issues which I’ll post about once I figure out what the heck I’m doing.

Speaking of lazing, there are a few things I’d like to do differently in Target Practice. Most notably I’d like to abstract out out the media to some manager or another, and also my target manager class has grown rather bloated which I take to be a good indicator that it’s doing more than it should. I don’t care enough about this program to fix either of these issues, but hopefully I’ve learned from these mistakes!

Download it!

Target Practice

Half-Life is the game of choice at work, and sadly I’m terrible at it. I thought I’d try to write a little game using gosu to try and help me improve my accuracy. I just reached a good stopping point and I thought I’d share.

It’s really simple, the idea is to shoot little 20 x 20 “targets” (I’m artistically challenged) before they expire. Missing or letting 10 targets expire will end the game. Next version will include sound, improved visuals and maybe even a couple other fun features if your lucky.

The code is a bit over-engineered but I plan on incorporating parts into some “core extensions” that I’m working on that will hopefully make it a lot easier for me to bang stuff like this out. Finally, as I doubt anyone will ever download this, I didn’t bother to pack it up so you’ll have to have Ruby and gosu installed in order to enjoy it.

Download the code!

PS: I’ve been a Photoshop user for many years, but I used GIMP to make these images and I didn’t even hate it!