Code Coverage – Hurts So Good

The Dark Side of Unit Testing

The Dark Side of Unit Testing

There are a lot of opinions around unit testing coverage tools, and I get the debate. However, if I’m working on a fun, no-deadline, side project then I don’t have a lot of excuses for ignoring it. Especially when dependencies are basically null, like ColorMine.

That said…

100% coverage is a real pain in the patootie.

For ColorMine in particular, there are a lot of mathematical equations and it’s difficult to reverse engineer an input that will hit all those conditionals – pesky ifs and elses.

It’s also tempting to succumb to the dark side, doing things like removing thrown exceptions that might prove useful in the future just because you can’t produce the conditions now. (Guilty!)

I don’t know if ColorMine will ever hit the magical 100, but 98% feels pretty darn good!

98% Code Coverage