2012 – Year in Review

I didn’t post my resolutions last year, but I actually came up with a big list of SMART goals for the year and I managed to complete about 3/4 of them.

My theme last year was Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

Yes, I had a theme.


Biking, Hiking, Camping!

Biking, Hiking, Camping!


We moved to Georgia at the end of 2011, and I love it. I spent a good portion of my free time in the great outdoors. I’ve only been tracking my activities fitocracy.com for the last 6 months, so the actual numbers are quite higher but I logged 124 workouts including…

  • ~80 hours of mountain biking over 30 trips
  • ~23 hours hiking over 15 trips
  • ~40.5 miles jogging 18 trips
  • Attended 2 months of CrossFit
  • Become obsessed with my fitbit
  • Lost 15lbs
Still working on the 300lb bench press and losing a gazillion more pounds.
All About The Benjamins!

All About The Benjamins!


Most of my financial goals are private, however I did manage to move a few of my sites over to EC2.

Still working on publishing some sort of self sustaining site/app.

reInvent 2012


My “wise” goals were mostly non-fiction reading, but I also finally switched over to a password manager and setup a home backup system.

Work sent me to the fantastic re:Invent conference!

Additionally I spent a lot of time working on Linux this year,  both servers and my workstations.


Now lest bygones be forgot, 2013 is going to be my year!

Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad

Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad