Gosu Extensions Update


I’ve finally finished updating my Gosu Extensions. It’s far from perfect, but it’s in a good spot and I’m relatively happy with it. It feels good to get something “done”.

Although my coding process hasn’t been 100% TDD, I would say at least it’s been test centric and irregardless of whether I actually do anything with this, I think it’s been a good experience.

I plan on updating some of my “games” to use this new version, so I can see if these extensions actually save me any work.

Here are a few of the highlights

  • JavaScript like elements and events ( on_click, on_focus etc )
  • Wrappers for Gosu Images, Samples, Fonts and Text
  • Bounding Boxes for basic collision detection
  • Easy cursor support
  • Basic grid / matrix support
  • Basic scheduling system

Enough chit chat, Download the code!