2009 New Years Resolutions

I like to write this sort of thing down so I can look back later and scoff.

User Groups!
There are some really great user groups in my area and I’ve consistently missed many months of meetings. The people are great, there’s a lot of great information being swapped around and it’s FUN! No more excuses.

Open Source Software!
This post is brought to you via the magic of WordPress, MySQL, FireFox and Ubuntu. I love and use a lot of open source software and it’s high time I start giving back. I plan on hunting down some ColdFusion projects to get into the swing of things, but eventually I’d like my own baby.

This goes a long with the previous bullet. I have a few ideas for FireFox and Eclipse plugins that I think would help get me in the OSS swing of things, (To use that trite and tired cliche yet again).

Unmaintained Recurring Income!
This might be a pipe dream, but I’ve been working on the web for a long time I really ought to have something out there making money, even if it’s only enough to pay for the hosting. I’ve got a few top secret ideas that I’ll share once I get into the swing of things.