What I’ve been up to…

Most of my extracurricular energy is still going into Coding Blocks, but I thought I’d share some recent highlights over here as well.

For example…

Coding Blocks exceeded 1,000,000 downloads!

Coding Blocks crossed an important milestone last year, big thanks to everyone for supporting us! Go check out the site to check out the latest episodes.

Demystifying the Technical Interview through Practice

I think dedicated practice is the best way to improve at anything, so I created a series of videos to practice technical interviews. It’s tough to talk and program at the same time!

Mini Code Adventures

Created a series of videos highlighting quick and simple projects that you can code up in minutes.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on LINQ for episode 6 of the Coding Blocks podcast and I was a bit surprised by what I came up with.

I had originally thought of LINQ as a feature. I had heard the parable of the guy at the white board, writing what they thought code should look like and then worked backwards on how to get there. This makes sense, but what surprised me was just how much of the building blocks were already there.

I wrote a blog post about it over at codingblocks.net, so go check it out: What’s So Special About LINQ?.

Username Verification Without Information Disclosure

Many applications require customers (don’t call them users!) to sign up with a username or email address to use the service.

If a user mistypes their credentials, security best practices dictate that an error message be displayed which informs the customer that there was a problem WITHOUT revealing whether or not the username was found.

No problem.
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ColorMine.org - Color Converters and Delta E Calculators


I’m still putting together my 2013 goals, but I do know that one of them is to launch more sites.

I’ve been doing this whole internet thing for a long time now, I really aught to have more to show for it.

Knowing that perfect is the enemy of good enough I’ve opted to take a release early and release often approach to launching sites.

First up is colormine.org. It’s a simple site that wraps a small color library I wrote.
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